Finally note taking…

Built specifically for the enterprise

Consumer note taking apps are great for managing family life, but isn’t it time we had note taking productivity software built specifically with business in mind? Cloud Coach is proud to introduce the first (and only) note taking productivity software designed from the ground up with enterprise business use in mind.
  • Built-in enterprise security
  • Link notes to business objectives
  • Turn notes into reportable actions

Need to brainstorm?

On your key business records

Whether you are working on a customer account, project, marketing campaign or any other key business record, brainstorming ideas with your teammates can help you deliver better outcomes for the business. With Cloud Coach you can:
  • Create notepads directly from business records
  • Keep notepads private or shared
  • Brainstorm as a team to reach your goals
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Group & Tag Notes

For quick retrieval when you need it

Taking great notes is one thing but being able to sort and quickly find them when you need to, is another. With Cloud Coach’s note taking software as a service, you get an intuitive UI designed with quick note retrieval in mind:
  • Color tags & filters on each notepad
  • Quick find word filters
  • Notepad grouping

Turn notes into actions

Because notes aren’t standalone items

Capturing notes is one thing, but what happens when you need to action work from the note? At Cloud Coach we let you convert your notes into actions.
  • One click action creation from notes
  • Link actions to records in your CRM etc
  • Assign actions across your team
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