Cloud Coach Time Tracking

Take the hassle out of time tracking

Let’s face it - tracking time team is probably one of your team’s least favorite parts of their workday, but it’s important for your business to track performance against KPI’s. That’s why Cloud Coach has built the best time tracking capability available on the Salesforce platform today. Time tracking that not only lets you track your project related time, but also time related to cases, opportunities, ITSM work and more.

Time Entry Your Way

Multiple time capture choices

time entry your way
    In life everyone is different, so why do most PSA tools force users to enter time the same way? At Cloud Coach we believe in giving your users choice so that can enter time the way that suits them including:
  • On the record as they are working on it
  • On their timecard
  • Leveraging Cloud Coach’s Timecard Genius
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Time entry your way

Time Saving Helpers

Personalize your most used comments

Time Saving Helpers
    At Cloud Coach we constantly strive via our user interfaces to reduce the time it takes to do your work, and time entry is no different. Compared to other time tracking tools, we can save you precious minutes each day by delivering you:
  • Pre-filled time (hh:mm) selector
  • ‘No typing’ comments section
  • Personalized comments creation
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Time Saving Helpers


When it comes to time entry we have your back

When it comes to time entry we have your back
    Ever had a great weekend planned at the beach or on the slopes and run out of the office on a Friday afternoon without capturing your time? That’s why Cloud Coach built our Timecard Genius:
  • Never worry about missing a time entry again
  • Suggested time entries based on your work
  • Quick entry of time to get you back on track
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When it comes to time entry we have your back

Track Time On Anything

Including your admin work

Track Time on Anything
    Some businesses want to track time on project based deliverables, some on customer service, and others on sales effort. Cloud Coach accommodates all those needs and more letting you track time on:
  • Project work
  • CRM work such as cases or opportunities
  • Your own custom objects
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Track Time on Anything

See It All

With your weekly summary

Time entry weekly summary
    Of course you also need one place for your team to easily see all their time entries for the week no matter how they captured their efforts during the workday, so Cloud Coach gives you:
  • Weekly timesheet view
  • Simple navigation by week
  • Filters and summary views
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Time entry weekly summary

Need To Bill?

Dynamically rate time entries

Need to Bill?
    If you’re running a customer facing project or deliverable you want to make sure your billing is accurate. Cloud Coach has a full rating engine running off your time entries letting you:
  • Leverage rate cards and user rates
  • Factor in variables such as travel time
  • Elect to mark time entries as non billable
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Need to bill?

Approval Needed?

Route and approve users time sheets

Approval needed?
    Before sending that bill out to your client, or recharging your time to another department in your business, you can run your team’s time through an approval process:
  • Approve weekly time sheets
  • Route approvals to the appropriate manager
  • Trigger business processes when approval is given
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Approval Needed?

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