Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management: The Definitive Guide


There are no silver bullets or hacks when it comes to becoming an Agile organization or team. Any business owner can slap recurring deadlines on their employees and call themselves “Agile”. They can use the fancy words like “scrum master” and “product owner” and stick flashy Kanban boards on the wall, next to their poster of the 12 principles—but none of that means they’re actually Agile. 

The secret to truly Agile teams is internal: team members need to live the principles and build a company culture that’s invested in its success. It’s the accumulation of hundreds of small actions and beliefs—at every level of the business—compounding over time that gradually makes Agile project management second nature.

And once you get to that point, you won’t be turning back. Agile project management has been transformative for teams in many industries, stemming from origins in software development all the way to marketing, design, engineering and more. 

This guide is about Agile project management: what it is, how to do it, and why it’s so industry-shakingly powerful. Enjoy! 

How to Get the Most From This Guide

If you’re looking to introduce Agile project management into your organization, don’t start with the job titles and weekly sprints—start with the values. Build up slowly and carefully, with constant collaboration and communication about where you’re headed and why. 

This guide will walk you through every step. We’ll explore exactly what Agile means and how it came about; how a methodology for software development evolved into a diverse project management tool; different Agile frameworks you can employ; how to build a successful Agile workforce and deliver exceptional project results. 

We’ll even touch on essential tools and scaling Agile to an enterprise level. 

So here’s our recommendation: read the guide from start to finish. Identify the principles or actions that will be easiest to implement in your business and start with those. Use this guide as a reference point going forward as you slowly, carefully and brilliantly transform the way you conduct projects. 

Who is this guide for?

We’ve written this for anyone that’s interested in the world of Agile project management: why it works, its benefits, and how to do it. But if you’re a business owner or leader, you’ll get extra value as we explore the broader, higher-level impact that Agile projects have on your company’s biggest objectives.
So without further ado, let’s clarify what Agile project management actually is—and what it most certainly isn’t

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