Cloud Coach

“Cloud Coach helps us onboard customers better, in less time, giving our customers a better experience.”

Sarah O’Connor

SEO, Trek Search

ACME provide CRM solutions delivered via the Cloud for companies of all sizes across all industries.

Industry: High Tech
Employees: 100


Able to onboard customers in 20% less time

Team is 15% better utilized

Spend hours less in meetings each week



We had no visibility of the upcoming workload

Now we can create projects early in the sales process and manage our workload accordingly

We were poor at communicating project status to clients

Our customers love the real time external project view that Cloud Coach provides

Our team was used inefficiently, and either overloaded or bored

With resource planning we can juggle our project timelines to keep everyone used efficiently

We spent too much time in meetings, discussing the wrong things

By templatizing and building our meetings into our core process, we spend hours less in meetings each week

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