“Cloud Coach has really helped us become more consistent and efficient in delivering our projects to our customers.”

Becca Weiss

Manager of Implementations, Twilio SendGrid


Twilio SendGrid is an email service platform that helps businesses send and deliver critical transactional and marketing emails

Industry: Information Technology
Employees: 3,000


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Fulfilled revenue recognition requirements before going public as a company

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Standardization across all implementation project plans

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Real-time visibility into time entered across user base



Twilio SendGrid had no way to accurately track time and struggled to recognize revenue correctly, which was a huge problem as a public company.

Cloud Coach makes it easy for the end user to track their time and now Twilio SendGrid can accurately recognize revenue.

Twilio SendGrid previously relied on a custom built project management tool in Salesforce that hindered their ability to scale and increased costs in development and maintenence of the solution.

An out of the box solution developed and maintained by Cloud Coach who specializes in project management, time tracking, and revenue recognition, allows Twilio SendGrid to leverage best practices and decrease maintenence costs.

Inconsistencies across users in the way they updated projects

Cloud Coach’s project templates has allowed Twilio SendGrid to implement uniform process across all users

Inconsistent data capture led to inaccurate reporting because of a lack of standardization across teams and users

Standardization across project types, and everything tracked as hours has helped Twilio SendGrid make the data more consistent in reporting



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