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We Removed Project Creation Limits in Cloud Coach Milestones

3 min read16th of January 2018
After talking to hundreds of Cloud Coach Milestones users, we’ve heard you – loud and clear. You want to be able to do even more with your project management software. In response, we’ve removed project creation and template creation...

Why Attend “Run Your Projects on Salesforce – Live”?

4 min read27th of December 2017
When you’re investing hundreds or thousands of dollars on a software package, it’s probably a no-brainer to attend their user conference to expand your skill set and maximize your ROI. But, what about when you’re using free software, like...

How can I assign team members to work on project tasks?

3 min read9th of June 2017
As a project leader, you need to quickly and efficiently assign team members to work on your project tasks. With Cloud Coach Milestones, we make it easy to assign team members in several different ways. Method 1: When you...

Tracking a Key Stakeholder on your Milestones Project

3 min read25th of May 2017
Each business is unique. So are the details you need to track and see on your projects. In previous blog posts, we’ve covered how to add custom fields to your projects to help you keep track of special details,...

How can I see what my team is working on?

4 min read19th of May 2017
When you’re managing a team or allocating resources, sometimes you need to know what else a team member has on their plate before you assign them to work on that next task. When you run projects using Cloud Coach...

How can I get a departmental view of our projects?

7 min read12th of May 2017
What good is a project management tool if you spend more time looking for your projects and tasks and chasing status updates than you did before you started? Keeping your projects organized in ways that work for you helps...

How can I get email notifications about new tasks?

3 min read5th of May 2017
Nobody wants projects and tasks to fall behind. Get a jump start on tasks by notifying your team when tasks are assigned to them. Since Cloud Coach Milestones is built on Salesforce, it’s easy to automatically send emails to your...

How can I keep track of my Salesforce maintenance projects?

4 min read28th of April 2017
As a busy Salesforce admin, your hands are full juggling update and change requests from across your company to help improve the efficiency of the platform – not to mention testing for each new Salesforce release. Wouldn’t it be...

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