Managing Project Issues

8 min read13th of June 2016
In a perfect world every project is completed on time and under budget. As any project manager knows, that’s easier said than done. Here at Cloud Coach, we believe that consistent execution should be more than aspirational. Utilizing Salesforce’s...

Automatically Create a Meeting Based on Project Health

6 min read24th of February 2016
Unfortunately, not every project goes according to plan. When a project goes off-track, it’s important to get the team together to understand what happened, and how to get back on track. While other project management software may alert you...

Automatically Create A New Project Kickoff Meeting

6 min read17th of February 2016
Many project management tools help you keep your documents and conversations related to projects out of email. But we all know that it’s hard to start a meeting off right without a project kick-off meeting. Today, we look at...

Create Meeting Templates in Cloud Coach

3 min read10th of February 2016
As a busy project manager, you may find yourself often having very similar types of meetings – such as project kick-off meetings or status update meetings. In the same way that you create project templates to streamline project creation...

Project Meetings Made Easy

3 min read14th of October 2015
For any project, you are likely to have any number of meetings, from kick-off meetings, to client updates, and testing reviews. The details from these meetings are important documentation that relate to the project. Cloud Coach, along with Productivity...

Increase Productivity with the “10-Minute Rule”

3 min read25th of March 2015
Michelle Bryant wrote a fantastic article where she explains the “10-Minute Rule”. The rule states that everything you do should be broken down into 10 minute segments. Every task that you need to complete should take no more than...

What are unnecessary meetings really costing your business?

3 min read20th of January 2015
Michael Mankins published an article in 2014 outlining the number of hours in a year the employees of one large company spent in meetings to support one weekly excom meeting. The findings of the data collected are astounding and...

Jason Fried – Why work doesn’t happen at work

2 min read10th of December 2014
Jason Fried argues that the office isn’t actually a good place to get work done. In his Ted Talk (2010), he describes how our work day is turned into ‘work moments’ the second we walk through the office door....

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