Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Align Projects to Business Strategy

4 min read16th of November 2016
With a new year just a few weeks away, many of us are deep into planning for 2017. Beyond budget and financial goals, you’re also setting strategic business goals that move your business forward. To achieve those goals, you’ll...

4 Steps to Implementing Project Portfolio Management [Infographic]

1 min read21st of October 2016
According to PMI, organizations with mature project portfolio management practices complete 35 percent more of their programs successfully. They fail less often and waste less money. In this infographic, we outline the four steps to successfully implementing a project...

Creating a Financial Reporting Button for your Investments

7 min read17th of October 2016
Investments are one of those tools in Cloud Coach that is so powerful it can easily intimidate new as well as veteran users. Not only does it utilize robust scoring to determine whether your investment is worth pursuing, but...

Strategic Goals and Investments with Cloud Coach PPM

9 min read11th of September 2016
Welcome to our sneak peek into the Cloud Coach Deep Dive Track for Delivery 2016: Portfolio Project Management By leveraging Cloud Coach’s powerful PPM tools, you can improve ROI and minimize risks with strategic project selection. In this session you’ll...

Managing Your IT Project Funnel

3 min read21st of April 2016
Managing an IT department is managing an economy – balancing the demands from the company with the supply of budget and time to meet those demands. Traditional IT project management focuses on managing supply – but Cloud Coach takes...

Focus on Strategy over Projects – The Growth of PPM

6 min read22nd of January 2016
In 5 Trends that Will Transform Project Management, Moira Alexander outlines key areas where project management may evolve in 2016. In this blog series, we break down each of those trends, along with our perspective on the importance of...

Customize Your Cloud Coach with New Fields

11 min read19th of August 2015
Your projects, and project management needs, are unique. weCloud Coach is highly customizable and allows you to create new fields on the project, phase, task, and ticket levels. These custom fields allow you to capture data specific to your...

Dig into Cloud Coach Project Details with Matrix Reports

8 min read11th of August 2015
Sometimes, you really need to dig into the details of a Cloud Coach project. Matrix reports, leveraging the Salesforce platform, allow you to look at several different dimensions simultaneously, giving you a robust view of your project. Matrix Reports...

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