Process Automation

How can I get email notifications about new tasks?

3 min read5th of May 2017
Nobody wants projects and tasks to fall behind. Get a jump start on tasks by notifying your team when tasks are assigned to them. Since Cloud Coach Milestones is built on Salesforce, it’s easy to automatically send emails to your...

Automate Project Creation from Opportunities

3 min read3rd of March 2017
Once an opportunity closes, that’s when the real work often begins. With Cloud Coach Milestones, it’s easy to streamline the creation of projects from opportunities. In fact, in this video, we break down how to automatically create a project...

Creating Project Templates

6 min read10th of February 2017
When you’re launching repeatable projects, nothing speeds up your day like using Project Templates in Cloud Coach. In this week’s two-minute video, the team discusses how you can turn a project into a Project Template, and how you can...

Creating Projects from Opportunities

3 min read3rd of February 2017
What happens in your business when after an opportunity is won? At most companies, after the contracts are signed and the high-fives given, a new round of work begins to actually fulfill on what you just sold. Unfortunately, your...

How to Automate Project Creation

5 min read30th of December 2016
Creating Cloud Coach projects is a breeze using the Project Creation Wizard, but we’re always looking for ways to make data entry faster, so in this week’s two-minute use case we discuss how to automate your project creation using...

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