Project Management

Process Builder vs Flows: navigating Salesforce automation

7 min read19th of May 2021
Process Builder and Flows are both built using the same Salesforce feature called Lightning Flow.  But what are the differences between the two, and when should you be using each? Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions...

Cloud Coach… going downhill fast

2 min read3rd of March 2021
In February, Cloud Coach took part in the RethinkAbility Ski Challenge 2021, at Winter Park, Colorado. The RethinkAbility Ski Challenge, benefiting the National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD), saw a number of corporate teams take part in a...

Choosing the right Salesforce-native project management app

5 min read10th of February 2021
If you’re thinking about running your projects on Salesforce, it can be hard to know where to start. A quick search for ‘project management’ on AppExchange might only complicate things further, with – at the time of writing –...

The stage gate process: a project management guide

11 min read20th of February 2021
Without the right tools, project management and project execution can be a risky, chaotic, and ultimately expensive process.  Choosing the right planning method is critical for all organizations, and approaches can vary depending on the complexity of both your...

A perfect match: wedding planning with Cloud Coach

3 min read20th of January 2021
Wedding planning can be a nightmare. Lists, more lists, deadlines, more deadlines. And then a few more lists thrown in for good measure.  According to one survey, 96% of couples said that wedding planning was stressful (we can assume...

Cloud Coach named Enterprise Project Management Software Provider of the Year

2 min read11th of January 2021
We are delighted to announce that Cloud Coach has been named ‘Enterprise Project Management Software Provider of the Year 2020’ by Acquisition International Magazine. “Whether searching for project management, software as a service, portfolio delivery, or improved efficiency, Cloud...

What are risks?

4 min read19th of July 2020
To borrow a concept from Heraclitus, running a project is like stepping into a river – you cannot run the same project twice, for it is not the same project and you are not the same project owner. Every...

What is a Baseline?

4 min read4th of May 2020
Collecting data points in a project is a simple process; users enter task data during the project and the project manager organizes and maintains that data at the project level. The data collected throughout the lifespan of a project...

What is Kanban Project Management

7 min read13th of April 2020
Selecting a methodology that aligns with more than just the project, but the project team and the company culture are important to any company’s project processes. Deeper than it’s characteristics, a methodology serves to provide a common language as...

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