Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Manage Client Retainers

4 min read5th of August 2015
Learn how to easily manage your client retainers with Cloud Coach Retainers are a way for professional service companies to provide clients with a bucket of professional services from which they can draw down. There are two basic...

Client Rate Cards in Cloud Coach

5 min read10th of July 2015
How are you tracking your billable hours? If you’re still relying on spreadsheets or time tracking applications, you could be under-billing for your team’s efforts. When you set up rate cards in Salesforce using Cloud Coach functionality, you can...

Monitoring Your Project Costs, Rates, and Utilization in Cloud Coach

5 min read29th of June 2015
Effective project management requires the management of project scope, timelines, and costs. With Cloud Coach, along with the tracking the projects and task that your team is working upon, you can also: capture the cost to your business of...

Project Resourcing in Cloud Coach

5 min read22nd of June 2015
Project resourcing is the process of adding team members to complete project tasks. In Cloud Coach, resourcing is both skill and location based. In our organization, we have skills for “Designer,” “Tester,” and “Business Analyst.” We have team members...

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