The Basics of Project Reporting

5 min read24th of March 2017
Whether you’re a project manager by title or just by function, you probably get tired of the question: “What’s the status of Project XYZ?” With project reporting in Salesforce, you can leverage out-of-the-box reports and build your custom dashboards...

Monitoring Project Trends with Salesforce Reporting Snapshots

11 min read26th of September 2016
Project management requires more than staying on top of current projects and managing risks as they come up—it requires the ability to look back on completed projects and assess what went well and what needs future attention. If project...

Using Formula Fields to Calculate Earned Value on Projects

15 min read16th of September 2016
There are few fields of study that are more intimidating than Project Managment. And no aspect of Project Management is more tricky than that of Earned Value Analysis—or put another way, how much is my project worth at this moment,...

Wave for Project Management and PPM

1 min read7th of September 2016
Cloud Coach is excited to Wave for Project Management and PPM, an app powered by Salesforce Wave Analytics. Wave for Project Management and PPM allows business users to monitor and prioritize project performance from any device. With Wave for...

Improve Employee Productivity with Resource Forecasting

5 min read2nd of September 2016
Your staff members are your most precious resource. Not only are they one of your biggest company expenses, they also can make or break the success of your business. Overworked staff members have poor performance and morale, while overstaffed...

Ensuring Proper Time Entry with Cloud Coach

7 min read15th of August 2016
Welcome to our sneak peek into the Cloud Coach Deep Dive Track for Delivery 2016: Time and Teamwork Projects are done by people – not systems. Ensuring that you have given the proper tools to your team is the first...

Project Management Reporting Beyond Percentage Complete

5 min read21st of July 2016
Reporting is an important part of managing your business. We’re all familiar with the financial reports that show the health of your business. We look at sales reports to project growth; marketing reports to measure the effectiveness of advertising spend,...

Track Project Expenses with Salesforce Reports

13 min read20th of July 2016
Welcome to our sneak peek into the Admin Power Hours Track for Delivery 2016: Reporting Reporting is a critical part of managing your business, and project management is no exception. Project managers need to have access to robust reporting that...

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