Resource Management

How can I assign team members to work on project tasks?

3 min read9th of June 2017
As a project leader, you need to quickly and efficiently assign team members to work on your project tasks. With Cloud Coach Milestones, we make it easy to assign team members in several different ways. Method 1: When you...

How can I see what my team is working on?

4 min read19th of May 2017
When you’re managing a team or allocating resources, sometimes you need to know what else a team member has on their plate before you assign them to work on that next task. When you run projects using Cloud Coach...

Balancing Assignments with Resource Load

5 min read6th of March 2017
In this week’s two-minute video, the team discusses balancing your assignments using Cloud Coach Resource Load. TRANSCRIPTION: Hello everyone, Nic here from Cloud Coach. Thanks for joining us this week as we look at how you can balance your assignments...

Which Leadership Style Drives Your Projects?

5 min read20th of January 2017
We’ve been talking a lot lately about how leadership affects your project success. More than any project management training or software, your leadership style has a direct impact on your team and your project success. Whether you’re a career...

Capacity Planning with Cloud Coach

6 min read28th of November 2016
A common issue in many organizations is deciding which ideas should become projects. And of the ideas that will become projects, when should they be executed? In this post we will walk you through a few simple workflows to...

Improve Employee Productivity with Resource Forecasting

5 min read2nd of September 2016
Your staff members are your most precious resource. Not only are they one of your biggest company expenses, they also can make or break the success of your business. Overworked staff members have poor performance and morale, while overstaffed...

7 Reasons Your Time Tracking Isn’t Working

5 min read12th of August 2016
It’s easy to see the benefits of tracking time on your project work. Time tracking allows you to monitor the cost of project execution, accurately bill your customers, and forecast how long future projects will take. But getting your...

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