How can I get a departmental view of our projects?

7 min read12th of May 2017
What good is a project management tool if you spend more time looking for your projects and tasks and chasing status updates than you did before you started? Keeping your projects organized in ways that work for you helps...

How can I keep track of my Salesforce maintenance projects?

4 min read28th of April 2017
As a busy Salesforce admin, your hands are full juggling update and change requests from across your company to help improve the efficiency of the platform – not to mention testing for each new Salesforce release. Wouldn’t it be...

How do I limit visibility of project data?

7 min read6th of April 2017
While visibility is one of the biggest benefits of an integrated project management system, there may be some project information that you want to track that not everyone should see. Whether it’s financial information, like profitability,  prioritization (nobody likes...

Can we customize projects like we do leads or opportunities?

4 min read31st of March 2017
There are hundreds of ways to run projects – from simple spreadsheets and whiteboards to complex project portfolio solutions. No matter which type of solution you choose, one of the key things to consider is how you can customize the...

Cloud Coach Announces Free Cloud Coach Milestones Not-for-Profit Edition

3 min read21st of March 2017
Cloud Coach today announced it has launched a new edition of its popular Cloud Coach Milestones application, exclusively for not-for-profit organizations. Cloud Coach Milestones NFP Edition allows non-profits to manage their projects directly within their Salesforce CRM for no...

Cloud Coach Exhibits at Salesforce World Events Around the Globe

2 min read20th of March 2017
Cloud Coach is exhibiting at five Salesforce World Tour events, in cities around the world. This follows the January launch of Cloud Coach Milestones, a best-of-breed free project management application,  available now on the Salesforce AppExchange. Cloud Coach will...

Launching Projects from Salesforce Cases

3 min read10th of March 2017
Cases are commonly used in Salesforce to manage a variety of customer interactions after an opportunity has closed. Each case that your team handles is an opportunity to build a relationship with your customers (and even potentially grow revenue)....

Automate Project Creation from Opportunities

3 min read3rd of March 2017
Once an opportunity closes, that’s when the real work often begins. With Cloud Coach Milestones, it’s easy to streamline the creation of projects from opportunities. In fact, in this video, we break down how to automatically create a project...

Using Project Templates to Streamline Marketing Campaigns

3 min read17th of February 2017
One of the powerful things about Salesforce is the visibility it gives you into your prospect to customer pipeline. When your marketing team leverages campaigns to plan their efforts, you’ll start to see how the marketing activities help move...

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