How can I assign team members to work on project tasks?

3 min read9th of June 2017
As a project leader, you need to quickly and efficiently assign team members to work on your project tasks. With Cloud Coach Milestones, we make it easy to assign team members in several different ways. Method 1: When you...

How can I get email notifications about new tasks?

3 min read5th of May 2017
Nobody wants projects and tasks to fall behind. Get a jump start on tasks by notifying your team when tasks are assigned to them. Since Cloud Coach Milestones is built on Salesforce, it’s easy to automatically send emails to your...

How can I get my team working on projects together?

5 min read14th of April 2017
Chances are, you’re not working on projects alone. Whether you need a variety of skills to accomplish your project objectives, or multiple hands on deck because of a tight timeline, there are many ways you need to bring your...

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