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Define your Project level Goals 1

Define your Project level Goals

Whether your onboarding a new customer or trying to align an internal project to your strategic Goals, Goal setting at the Project level is key Capture Project Goals Add Requirements to your Goals As Tasks complete see your progress towards Goals update in real time

Capture organize and rate business requirements 2

Capture, organize and rate business Requirements

Capturing Goals is one thing. Making sure your working on the requirements that deliver the most bang for the buck is another Organize requirements by area of work Link Requirements back to your Goals Rate Requirements based on how important each one is to meeting your Goals

Document your Stakeholders

CUSTOMER SUCCESS Capture the key stakeholders whose input will be needed to make your projects and initiative successful, and display in a organizational tree view, so it’s easy for everyone to know where everyone fits in.

Milestones Tracking

CUSTOMER SUCCESS Create one or more milestone process for your business and apply to your project templates, so you get accurate insight to where each project is in your process at any time.

See milestones progress from all your projects in one view 2

See Milestones progress from all your Projects in one view

Define one or more Milestone processes for your business including: Which tasks trigger which  Milestones to complete Updates to Invoicing on Milestone completion Updates to Rev Rec on Milestone completion All this can be added to your templates for repeatable best practice processes

Documents & Meetings

CUSTOMER SUCCESS Capture all your project documentation in one place, so your team always knows where to find the right piece of information.

Hold the right meeting at the right time 2

Hold the right meeting at the right time

Build best practice agendas into your Meeting templates and use Salesforce automation to initiate the right meeting at the right time in your process Capture your meeting minutes, and action items during the meeting then share meeting minutes with your attendees in one click.

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