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Sales to Project Handoff

CUSTOMER ONBOARDING Keep everyone in the organization on the same page with an automated hand off from sales team to delivery team so no time or information is lost. “Cloud Coach has empowered us to move off of different systems to streamline and optimize our processes.” JACKSON WITHERILL Senior Product Management Associate

Create Projects from your Opportunities 2

Create Projects from your Opportunities

Use best practice project templates and Salesforce flows to automatically create projects when your opportunities close (or earlier in your sales process): Select Template based on Opportunity or CQP line item details Pass details from Opportunity to the Project such as ‘Services Revenue’ Share Project details with your Customer

Create Projects anywhere with the New Project Wizard 2

Create Projects, anywhere with the ‘Project Wizard’

Not ready to automate Project creation? No problem use the ‘New Project Wizard’ to create Projects anytime: Filter Kanban processes by Department Link Projects to any Salesforce record or create them standalone Leverage existing templates or start from new

Choose your Project Methodology

CUSTOMER ONBOARDING Cloud Coach lets you pick from multiple project types for each project, so whether your a traditional waterfall, modern agile or next generation water-scrum-fall company we have you covered.

Waterfall 2


Group your project tasks together into phases to build out your multi-level WBS: View your critical path at any time Take progress snapshots Color code tasks such as those with outstanding customer deliverables

Agile Kanban 2

Agile (Kanban)

Define colorful Kanban Board Processes and Columns for different departmental use cases across your organization: Move cards between columns to show progress through your process Drag and drop card prioritization Tag and filter cards to quickly find the task at hand

Water Scrum Fall 2


Combine the best of Waterfall and Agile together by integrating Kanban boards into your schedule of tasks: Lets each team work the way they want on your project Roll board completion and effort up to your tasks Get the best of both worlds

Capture Customer Goals

CUSTOMER ONBOARDING If you’re not mapping your efforts towards your customers goals, what value are you really bringing them? With Cloud Coach you can track your clients, Goals & Requirements right through from workshops to deployed solution.

Deliver the items that add maximum value to the business

Deliver the items that add maximum value to the business

Projects take time and money to deliver, so it’s important to know your team are prioritizing their efforts on the items that deliver the most value to your external & internal clients: Capture the Goals / desired outcomes for your Project Rate Requirements on their impact towards the Goal Break Requirements down into deliverables for

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