Capability category: PPM

Stakeholders Engagement

PPM Capture the key stakeholders whose input will be needed to make your projects and initiative successful, and display in a organizational tree view, so it’s easy for everyone to know where everyone fits in.

Roll up key metrics against each Portfolio

With interfaces that can be tailored to your specific needs, Cloud Coach lets you roll up and visualize key metrics at each level in your organizational hierarchy, such as this Portfolio level view showing Portfolio Margin Project ROI Portfolio Health

Align Projects to Strategic Goals

PPM As your requests turn into Projects, make sure that the project goals you capture are aligned with the strategic goals of your organization so your whole team is rowing in the same direction

Deliver the items that add maximum value to the business

Projects take time and money to deliver, so it’s important to know your team are prioritizing their efforts on the items that deliver the most value to your external & internal clients Capture the Goals / desired outcomes for your Project Rate Requirements on their impact towards the Goal Break Requirements down into deliverables for

Capture, organize and rate business Requirements

Capturing Goals is one thing. Making sure your working on the requirements that deliver the most bang for the buck is another Organize requirements by area of work Link Requirements back to your Goals Rate Requirements based on how important each one is to meeting your Goals

Define your Project level Goals

Whether your onboarding a new customer or trying to align an internal project to your strategic Goals, Goal setting at the Project level is key Capture Project Goals Add Requirements to your Goals As Tasks complete see your progress towards Goals update in real time

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