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Visualize your key PSA metrics

PSA All the data your team captures with Cloud Coach can be reported upon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. Use our pre-prepared reports or create your own using the Salesforce reporting engine. “Cloud Coach has empowered us to move off of different systems to streamline and optimize

Revenue Recognition

Track revenue recognition across all your projects, include revenue left to recognize in the month and which team it’s from

Rates & Revenue Dashboard

Track how your projects are performing from a planned vs actual billable rate perspective, and drill down into the details

Utilization & Billability

Track utilization and billability of your team for the week or month and plot trends over time to see where you need to act

Sales to Project Handoff

CUSTOMER ONBOARDING Keep everyone in the organization on the same page with an automated hand off from sales team to delivery team so no time or information is lost “Cloud Coach has empowered us to move off of different systems to streamline and optimize our processes.” JACKSON WITHERILLSenior Product Management Associate

Create Projects from your Opportunities

Use best practice project templates and Salesforce flows to automatically create projects when your opportunities close (or earlier in your sales process) Select Template based on Opportunity or CQP line item details Pass details from Opportunity to the Project such as ‘Services Revenue’ Share Project details with your Customer

Choose your Project Methodology

PSA Cloud Coach lets you pick from multiple project types for each project, so whether your a traditional waterfall, modern agile or next generation water-scrum-fall company we have you covered

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