Cloud Coach Milestones becomes Cloud Coach Fundamentals

by Cloud Coach

Cloud Coach announces that in August 2019 it is changing the name of the entry level to is market leading project success solutions from Cloud Coach Milestones to Cloud Coach Fundamentals.

Why the name change from Milestones to Fundamentals?

As a company we have had a lot of feedback about people getting confused between the Cloud Coach Milestones and the other apps with Milestones in their name on the Salesforce AppExchange. To remove the ambiguity and make sure the high demand we see for our solutions finds the right place to download this great app we decided to make a name change. 

We settled on the name ‘Fundamentals’ as despite being free for companies to use, Cloud Coach Fundamentals covers the fundamental needs of 80% of project management use cases in most businesses.

Is it just a name change?

NO! We are also releasing at the same time an updated version of the tool in which we have updated every interface within the app to make it faster for your users to get their work done, along with adding some great new capabilities to the solution. We can’t wait to let you all try it out!

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