From problem to profits

The steps on your journey with Cloud Coach

At Cloud Coach we take great pleasure in helping you through the entire adventure of solving your business problems and creating profitable professional services automation software and products for your company. Our strategy fits into three specific phases as follows:
  • Research phase utilizing our online tools
  • Evaluation phase working with our product specialists
  • Success management via our customer success team

Software Information Website

Got a problem?

Research it with our online tools

We understand when first confronted with a business problem, you want to conduct some preliminary research before you listen to a hard sell. That’s why at Cloud Coach we provide an abundance of information via our website, social channels such as YouTube, and online webinars, to help you answer the following questions:
  • Will Cloud Coach solve our problems?
  • Do we have the budget for a project like this?
  • Are our executive team on board with this initiative?

Custom Demo

Tailored to your requirements

The first step in our evaluation process is to provide you with a custom demo of our portfolio project management and professional service automation software. Our goal with the custom demo is to make it an optimal effective experience for you and your team. To achieve our goal we that the following steps:
  • Perform a needs call to understand your business needs
  • Configure our demo to your use cases
  • Perform your tailored custom demo for your team
Software Custom Demo Solutions

Software Evaluation Process

Proof of Concept

Helping you make informed decisions

The next step in our evaluation process involves a paid proof of concept trial with Cloud Coach. When using our enterprise products, we discovered the trial process is much more effective for customers when we are there to help you through the test drive. We accomplish this through the following actions:
  • Jointly define your trial success criteria
  • Provide user training and regular Q&A check ins
  • Review if your trial success criteria has been met

Ongoing Success

We’re with you every step of the way

When you’re ready to roll out Cloud Coach’s project management tools across your organization, we will be there to assist you every step of the way. We’ll provide support with:
  • Implementation Services
  • Roll out of new versions of Cloud Coach
  • Premium Support
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