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Cloud Coach Fundamentals is a user friendly tool that lets you run projects of any kind from within Salesforce. Fast, extensible and always free Cloud Coach adds significant value to your Salesforce instance.

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Got Questions?

Whether you have just downloaded Fundamentals or have been using the app for a couple of weeks, and have built up a list of questions, we run a daily open forum to help you get the answers you need, live with one of our success team.

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Can I configure Cloud Coach?

Cloud Coach Fundamentals is fully configurable, so you can tailor it to the specific needs of your business using:

  • Custom fields to capture the data that matters to you on your projects and tasks
  • Field sets that allow you to control what fields show in what table columns and side panels
  • Automation's that allow you to create projects when opportunities close, or send notifications when tasks are complete
  • Reports and dashboards to show your KPI's in the manner you like to see them

What if I need further help with my configuration?

Cloud Coach offers paid for professional services to set up this tool for organizations who are short on Salesforce admin time internally. Please email for more information.

Did you know???

You can download sample data for Cloud Coach Fundamentals right from the 'Getting Started' tab within the App. (And you can update the sample data as often as you like) When you download the data you can pick who to manage projects and who assign tasks to, along with when the dates of the projects should be around, meaning that you can always have up to date data so you can demo Cloud Coach Fundamentals anytime with just seconds of setup.

Want to learn more?

Cloud Coach Fundamentals has its own knowledge base, with user guides, admin help, FAQ’s, releases notes and more, visit it any time

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