View & Manage Assignments

All your work on a single screen

For your team to operate at peak efficiency, they need to know what their priorities are – and what to work on next. By using Cloud Coach for project management they can see all of their project tasks and tickets on a single page.
  • Color-coded based on for task status
  • Filter by project
  • View assignments of the team you manage

Teamwork = Success

Projects aren’t delivered by one person

Great project delivery is a team sport, not an individual pursuit. Too often the message gets lost through tools designed for the planning of projects rather than the delivery of them. Bringing the team together and letting them communicate and collaborate on deliverables directly in the project context, drives efficiency and reduces wastage in your delivery cycle.
  • Chat about the project where it matters
  • See all your project documentation in situ
  • Audit trails of everything that happens


Hassle Free Time Tracking

Making it easy for your team

Lets face it – tracking time is no ones favorite task. It almost feels like doing your homework back in school. With Cloud Coach, we streamline this process. Cloud Coach has worked hard to make the time entry process as painless as possible for your users while bringing a new level of accuracy to the data they capture and giving you the key information you need to report on accurately.
  • Multiple ways for users to track time
  • Automated time approval process
  • Track time on your Project, CRM & ITSM work


Seamless Completion

With our automated alerts

Once tasks are completed, Cloud Coach automatically sends notifications to project managers and stakeholders. Your project continues to move forward – without project managers having to spend valuable time chasing down status updates.
  • Start alerts for dependent tasks
  • Notify stakeholders and project managers
  • Customize workflow alerts