Business Request-01

Got business needs?

Processes for business request funding

If you’re like most IT departments in a large enterprise, you get lots of requests from the business for allocation of IT resources and funds. Having a standardized process for handling these requests is critical to the way IT is perceived in the rest of the business. Cloud Coach’s corporate portfolio project management software for Salesforce allows your company to do just that.
  • Intake of requests via email, online forms and portals
  • Capture of the current situation in the business
  • Identification of the proposed solution

What are the Benefits?

Track the benefits for the organization

Before you ┬ácommit millions of dollars of the organization’s money to a project, you first want to get a firm idea of the benefits you can expect if you go ahead with the investment.
  • Expected direct financial benefits
  • The strategic fit with the rest of the business goals
  • Any qualitative benefits the investment will bring


And the Cost?

What is the expected spend?

And no cost benefit analysis of the planned investment would be complete without first capturing the costs that will be associated with the initiative. Cloud Coach’s corporate portfolio project management software on the Salesforce platform takes care of this both in terms of actual costs and risk analysis:
  • The expected spend related to this investment
  • Level of effort to deploy the initiative
  • Risk assessment on the planned investment

Prioritize Investments & Projects

Easily identify the biggest impact

Cloud Coach takes into consideration your project costs and benefits to create a project score. With these scores you can compare projects within a portfolio and set priorities that align with your biggest impact.
  • Qualitative and quantitative consideration
  • Identify projects with the biggest impact
  • Keep track of low-priority projects