Teamwork = Success

Projects aren’t delivered by one person

Great project delivery is a team sport, not an individual pursuit. Too often the message gets lost through tools designed for the planning of projects rather than the delivery of them. Bringing the team together and letting them communicate and collaborate on deliverables directly in the project context, drives efficiency and reduces wastage in your delivery cycle.
  • Chat about the project where it matters
  • See all your project documentation in situ
  • Audit trails of everything that happens

Track project documents

Never lose a document again!

Throughout the course of your project delivery, there are a number of documents your team needs to work and collaborate on. Rather than letting these important documents get lost on people’s PC’s and in email, Cloud Coach’s corporate resource management software lets you store all your project documentation in a centralized location so your team is always on the same page.
  • Project level document repository
  • Document previews & version control
  • Link to documents in sharepoint or google drive


Manage the unforeseen

Handle risks, issues and change

As much as we all wish, not everything on a project goes to plan! There are always unforeseen events that crop up. Whether you need to create change requests, manage risks, or log issues, Cloud Coach has you covered with our corporate resource management software.
  • Create, track and assign change requests
  • Manage the project risk register
  • Log and resolve issues as they arise

Link meetings to your project delivery

It’s time to end the segregation of meetings from business objectives

  • Link meetings to projects, programs and more
  • Capture and distribute minutes easily
  • Track meeting actions to completion