Track costs and manage billing rates

With our advanced rating engine

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Tracking your internal cost of delivery and accurately billing your clients is key for any professional services automation organization. At Cloud Coach we have leveraged our experience of billing systems to create an advanced rating engine to support all your delivery related needs:
  • Track loaded costs per employee
  • Apply project and task specific rates
  • Report out on a per project basis


How’s your bench?

Track your resource utilization

As a professional services automation firm, your employees are likely your biggest expense. It’s important for your profitability to make sure they are being used as effectively as possible. With Cloud Coach, you can automatically track your employees billable and non-billable time to see how effective your utilization of resources is at the individual, team or organizational level.
  • Set target hours per employee
  • Tag time as billable, non billable or exempt
  • Automatically calculate utilization metrics

Track Retainer Spend

By client, month and skill

Need to track retainers against your clients, for ongoing engagements? With Cloud Coach retainers you can create skill based retainers, and set a monthly or quarterly spend amount for a client, then draw down on the retainer from multiple projects or work requests, as their requests come in:
  • One time or monthly recurring retainers
  • Global or skill based retainers
  • Base your retainers on hours or spend


Pre-warned = pre-armed

With our automated alerts

If you’re managing multiple projects, attending lots of client meetings, and having to hit deadlines, it’s hard to keep on top of everything going on across your projects. Pre-built alerts and the configurable power of our workflow engine allow you to be notified ahead of time of any potential upcoming problems, including:
  • Early warning of tasks running over
  • Good to start alerts on dependent tasks
  • Your own customizable workflow alerts