How can I keep track of my Salesforce maintenance projects

How can I keep track of my Salesforce maintenance projects?

4 min read28th of April 2017

As a busy Salesforce admin, your hands are full juggling update and change requests from across your company to help improve the efficiency of the platform – not to mention testing for each new Salesforce release.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a way to manage all of your own projects?

With Cloud Coach Milestones, you can easily create projects for some of your most common Salesforce projects.

Project 1: Salesforce Release Testing

Salesforce has new releases three times per year. With each new release, you need to set aside time to review the release notes, attend release webinars, and test the new functionality in your sandbox. You may also need to test your existing processes and workflows to ensure that everything still works the way that you expect when the release is pushed into your production org.

With Cloud Coach Milestones, you can build a project with all of the readiness steps you need to prepare for a release. Then copy that project each time a new release is scheduled to ensure you’ve crossed every t and dotted every i.

Salesforce Release Testing 1024x425

Project 2: New App Integration

When your team asks to add new functionality to Salesforce, one of the first places you’re likely to look is the Salesforce AppExchange. In order to make the best product choice, you may need to review multiple options with your stakeholders to ensure that your selections meet their needs. Then you’ll have to install selected products in Sandbox, test configurations, and (for paid solutions) negotiate contract terms. To make sure you don’t forget any of the moving pieces, build a basic project plan in Cloud Coach Milestones. Any time you’re looking at a new app integration, copy the plan, add new tasks that are unique to the evaluation, and delete the ones you don’t need.

Salesforce AppIntegration 1024x444

Project 3: New User Onboarding

As your company grows and changes, you need to add new users to your Salesforce org. With each new user, you need to consider their licenses, permission sets, and which applications they need. Plus, depending on how they’ll use Salesforce, you may also need to train them on your processes. In the same way that you’ve created template projects for Salesforce releases and new app integrations, you can create projects to help with new user onboarding. 

Salesforce User Onboarding 1024x428

Of course, since Cloud Coach is native to Salesforce, you can also customize your projects so they work for you. You can add new fields, leverage processes, and more. Get started with Cloud Coach Milestones today – for free.

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