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With Cloud Coach’s user-friendly interfaces backed by the powerful Salesforce platform you can deliver onboarding projects of all shapes and sizes, consistently and successfully, delighting your clients and setting your business up for success.

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What was previously the job of three people is done by one.

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Quote 37

What was previously the job of three people is done by one.

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List of Benefits

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Sales to Project Handoff

Turn your opportunities into onboarding projects

Use your best practice project templates and Salesforce automation to easily create projects from your opportunities, helping you deliver a consistent customer onboarding process time after time.

  • Select template(s) based on Opportunity or CPQ line item details
  • Automatically pass details from Opportunity to the Project such as ‘Services Revenue’
  • Share Project details with your Customer in real time

Sales to Project Handoff

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Single click projects
We can create new onboarding projects with just a single click. It saves time for our team and ensures a seamless transition for our customers.


Manage your projects as you see fit

Cloud Coach is unique in supporting four onboarding project methodologies, so you can pick the type of project that works best for your onboarding processes and:

  • Visualize key deliverable dates
  • Assign deliverables to your clients
  • Share real time updates with project stakeholders


And see your CSAT rocket

Completing your project on time is not enough alone to ensure a successful customer onboarding project.

If you want to drive CSAT scores up across your customer journey, then you also need to deliver against the goals of your onboarding project, both those of your customer, and those of your CS team.

Align to Client Goals

Skills based resourcing

Skills Based Resourcing

Staff smarter and improve delivery capacity

Make the most of your resource pool and find the right person, with the right skills using real time resource forecasting.

Leverage placeholders and track availability with our multi-level skills based resourcing engine, factoring in not just work on other projects, but also out of office time such as PTO & vacation.

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Tommy Thornton

Tommy Thornton

User Friendly Time Tracking


Helping you drive better billable utilization

Your team works on multiple items during the week, so it’s important to give them a user-friendly way to capture time in a timely manner, so you get accurate data for your reporting and billing.

With Cloud Coach your team can track time on project work, support work, admin time and more. Then, at the end of the week, time sheets can simply be routed to the relevant manager(s) for approval.

View Client Stakeholders

Along with their project deliverables

Capture the key stakeholders from your customers whose input will be needed to make your onboarding initiative successful.

Assign the deliverables you need your client to deliver out to relevant stakeholders to keep them accountable and your project delivery timeframes on track.

View Client Stakeholders

Client Stakeholders

Documents & Meetings

Documents and Meetings

See the full picture around your project

Capture all your project documentation in one place, so your team always knows where to find the right piece of information.

Build best practice agendas and coaching notes into your meeting templates to decrease training time for your new hires. Capture meeting minutes, and action items during your meeting then share meeting minutes with your attendees with just one click.

Risk, Issues & Change Requests

Maintain control of your onboarding projects

Proactively manage the unknowns against your Project to keep on schedule and deliver maximum value.

Maintain your ‘Risk Register’, ‘Issue Log’ and manage ‘Change Requests’ as they arise, to keep your onboarding under control.

Risks, Issues, Change Requests

Reports & Dashboards

Reports & Dashboards

Track all your key metrics in real time

All the data your team captures with Cloud Coach can be reported upon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.

Tailor your onboarding dashboards to what your team needs to see, be it ROI, utilization, health, task status, milestone performance and more.

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