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Is Agile the Future of Project Management?

12 min read17th of November 2021
You may have heard the words “Agile”, “Scrum” and “Sprint” before. Maybe even the phrase “Agile will take over the world”… okay maybe not the last one, but over the past decade, the agile method has taken the project...

Kanban Boards vs Gantt Charts: What to use?

12 min read11th of October 2021
Depending on your business practices, your preferences as a project manager, and the types of projects you are leading, it can be difficult to decide which type of approach suits the project the best.  Keep in mind that the...

A Guide to Water-Scrum-Fall Project Management

10 min read7th of October 2021
Water-scrum-fall. Wagile. Scrumfall. There’s a lot of terminology floating around to describe one project management methodology – but what is it… and are you already using it? The short guide explains everything you need to know. What is Water-Scrum-Fall?...

Using Salesforce Kanban Boards for Project Management

10 min read6th of October 2021
In an ideal world of project management, tasks start, follow a linear progression to completion, and then are closed out so that the project team can move onto the next task. However, many tasks do not follow a linear...

Using Gantt Charts for Project Management in Salesforce

7 min read28th of September 2021
What are Gantt Charts? A Gantt chart is a visual representation of a project timeline. It shows the progression of the projects based on the task completion. The Gantt chart also displays the critical path of the project and...

Salesforce CPQ for Professional Services Automation

9 min read27th of September 2021
What is CPQ The term CPQ refers to “Configure, Price, Quote”. Practically speaking, it’s a category of sales tools aimed at increasing the efficiency of an organization’s sales teams to help drive revenue. The tool helps organize price books...

What are Salesforce Milestones?

6 min read24th of September 2021
Milestones break a project into the key moments or significant completion points along the project lifecycle. These points along the timeline can give Project Managers, or other stakeholders on a project or within an organization, a quick method to...

How to create Reports in Salesforce

10 min read21st of September 2021
There’s lots of information and data in your org, but you need to visualize trends, progress, and the relationships between different types of data of your projects. Salesforce has built-in functionality that allows you to build reports and create...

Salesforce List Views for Project Management

9 min read6th of August 2021
What are List Views in Salesforce? List Views within Salesforce give users the ability to create and, more importantly, customize a list of records on an object. The list allows filters to be used to simply create a list...

Talking Stage-Gates with Hostess Brands

14 min read16th of September 2021
A stage-gate (sometimes called a phase gate) is a project management technique, ideal for large organizations with projects that involve large teams, multiple departments and numerous stakeholders. Typically, stage-gates break up large projects into a series of stages with...

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