Project Portfolio Management

With Cloud Coach’s suite of Project Portfolio Management tools, you can analyze and collectively manage current or proposed projects based on numerous key characteristics. Capture demand from your business, organize into portfolios, perform cost vs. benefit analysis, manage approvals, and track project execution to give you a full 360° view of your business like never before.

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Cloud Coach has replaced what previously lived in a combination of spreadsheets, ServiceNow and MS Project.

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Cloud Coach has replaced what previously lived in a combination of spreadsheets, ServiceNow and MS Project.

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List of Benefits

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Capture Demand

Align requests to your strategy

Taking in demand is one thing, knowing what will bring the best ROI to your business is another. That’s where our scorecarding comes in, giving you a way to view all your business demand through a consistent ROI lens leveraging:

  • Company strategy alignment
  • Fiscal costs and benefits
  • Qualitative benefits vs risks

Capture Demand

Demand Costs vs Benefits
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Visibility of portfolio
We've been using Cloud Coach for over 2 years now and it has revolutionized the governance and visibility of our portfolio.

Portfolios & Programs


Portfolios and Programs

Organize, group & prioritize

When your executive team need to know how your organization is performing, what portfolios are at risk, and what investments & programs will move the business forward faster, Cloud Coach has the answers for you, including:

  • Planned & Actual ROI
  • CAPEX and OPEX spend
  • Health metrics

Stage Gates

Use decision points for maximum ROI

Define and templatize your gate process(s) to keep your team on the right path and reduce training time for new hires with:

  • Templatized gate checklists
  • Go/No Go decision points
  • Automated gate process updates
  • Visual gate progress across all your projects

Stage Gates


Project Management

Track timelines & deliverables

Cloud Coach is unique in supporting four project methodologies, so you can pick the type of project that works best for your processes:

  • Checklist
  • Kanban Agile
  • Waterfall
  • Water-Scrum-Fall

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Skills Based Resourcing

Skills Based Resourcing
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Clearly defined processes
Leadership has insight into the workload, employees have clearly defined project tasks/processes, and managers can allocate resources appropriately, all in one place.


Staff smarter and improve business outcomes

Make the most of your resource pool and find the right person, with the right skills with real time resource forecasting.

Leverage placeholders and track availability with our multi level skills based resourcing engine, factoring in not just work on other projects but also out of office time such as PTO & vacation time.

Documents and meetings

Capture all your key conversations

Improve the communication with key stakeholders by capturing all your project documentation in one place, so the team always knows where to find the right piece of information.

Take document management to the next level with meeting templates to standardize your agendas and discussions on any topic, portfolio, program, project risks, and more.

Documents And meetings

Documents and Meetings

Risks, Issues Change

Risk Matrix

Risk, issue, & change requests

Maintain control throughout your processes

Proactively manage the unknowns against your Portfolios and Projects to keep on schedule to deliver maximum value to your organization.

Maintain your ‘Risk Register’, ‘Issue Log’ and manage ‘Change Requests’ as they arise, to keep your initiatives under control.


CAPEX, OPEX, budgets & actuals

Track planned vs actual costs at project, program and portfolio levels. Split planned expenses down by CAPEX and OPEX spend and report on forecasts and actuals across your organization as your projects progress.


Investments by Spend
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Flexible PPM reports
I have used many PPM tools and products over my career, and this one is by far the best. It is flexible, easy to use, and allows for fantastic reporting and dashboards.

Reports & Dashboards

Reports & Dashboards

So you know where you can improve

All the data your team captures with Cloud Coach can be reported upon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.

Tailor your PPM dashboards to what your team needs to see, be it Portfolio ROI, project health, task status, milestones and more.

With Cloud Coach, we can bring cross functional teams together to vet projects and make sure nothing gets missed; which is the beauty of Stage Gates.

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Director of Enterprise Activation
Hostess Brands
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Director of Enterprise Activation
Hostess Brands manages iconic bakery brands such as Hostess® Twinkies®, CupCakes, Donettes®, Ding Dongs®, and more.
INDUSTRY: Food and Beverage
EMPLOYEES: 1,000-5,000

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