Manage your full customer journey on Salesforce

Plan, execute, and iterate your most crucial delivery processes with the highest-rated Customer Onboarding, Customer Success & PSA solution native to Salesforce.

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Built natively on Salesforce

Cloud Coach is a secure and scalable solution built on Salesforce helping organizations deliver successful projects of all shapes and sizes.

Customer Onboarding

Cloud Coach includes a full suite of Customer Onboarding capabilities from project planning, and execution, to close.

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Professional Services Automation

With Cloud Coach’s Salesforce native PSA solution, you can forecast, track, and iterate your most important financial outcomes within your professional services organization.

Customer Success

Track account goals, tickets, and stakeholders seamlessly, while gaining insights into the full customer journey, from onboarding to renewal, with detailed Customer Interactions tracking. 

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Don't just take our word for it

What's Your Use Case?

What's your Use Case?

Customer Onboarding
Customer Onboarding
Athena Health
Virgin Pulse
  • Consistent customer onboarding experience
  • Increased project delivery capacity
  • Better billable utilization
  • Improved customer CSAT scores across your entire customer journey
  • Real-time resource forecasting
  • Decreased training time and costs
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Professional Services
Customer Onboarding
  • Increased billable utilization and profit margin
  • Real-time project billings and revenue recognition
  • Increased billable capacity
  • Decreased training time and costs
  • Better process control
  • Increased visibility for project and employee performance
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Project Management Office
Customer Onboarding
Hostess Brands
  • Alignment of project selection to organizational strategy
  • Increased visibility with project portfolio and employee performance
  • Improved project governance with stage gates
  • Better communication with impacted business stakeholders
  • Better process control
  • Decreased training time and costs
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Any Project Process
Customer Onboarding
  • Flexible for any project process
  • Consolidated systems
  • Trusted Infrastructure
  • Best of Breed UI
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce
  • Economies of scale
  • Consolidated IT support
  • Salesforce & Tableau reporting
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Curious about pricing?

Depending on your requirements, Cloud Coach has different solutions to meet your needs. Our pricing is simple and scalable, discounted by the length of the contract term and the volume of users committed. 

Love for Cloud Coach

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"The software is great with resourcing, time tracks, and milestones. I can instantly see exactly where I am at on each project, and which tasks need addressing. "

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"We use Cloud Coach to manage our project timelines, budgets, and resources. It has been an excellent tool for forecasting capacity in a way we never could before."

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Want to see Cloud Coach in action?

In less than an hour, let us show you why Cloud Coach is the highest-rated Customer Onboarding & PSA solution native to Salesforce. 

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