Timelines & Collaboration

Enhance teamwork, streamline communication, boost productivity, and achieve your project goals with our collaborative timelines. 

List of Benefits

"We’re excited about the automatic project initiation that could be started right from Salesforce and flow into our implementation process in Cloud Coach."
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Automate Project Creation and Save Time

Project Templates and automation

You should spend your time working on projects, not on admin! Get a head start on project creation by launching new projects quickly and easily from your own best-practice project templates. With Cloud Coach, you can even automate project creation.

  • Create templates to follow your best practices
  • Pre-assign resource skills to speed up delivery
  • Save time by automatically creating projects

Sales to Project Handoff

Sales to Project Handoff

Project Scheduling Your Way

Waterfall, Kanban, Checklist or Water-Scrum-Fall

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for running a project. Whether you prefer working with a Gantt style timeline, a Kanban board, or even a combination of the two, Cloud Coach provides the flexibility for you to run projects your way.

  • Classic Gantt charts and Kanban boards
  • Water-Scrum-Fall projects, combining the best of waterfall and agile
  • Intuitive checklists projects

Centralize Project Documentation

Requirements, Meetings

Gaining a comprehensive project overview requires meticulous document tracking. Cloud Coach provides you with a competitive advantage by offering:

  • Centralized storage for all project documents
  • Repository for meeting minutes
  • Project requirement capture capabilities

Align to Client Goals

Skills based resourcing

Monitor Project Risks

Project RAID

Every organization needs a way to proactively manage the unknowns against projects to keep on schedule and deliver maximum value. 

  • Consolidate your ‘Risk Register,’ ‘Issue Log,’ and ‘Change Request List’ in a single platform
  • Use the risk matrix to quickly assess problems
  • Customizable displays for distinct record types

Keep Stakeholders Engaged

External Project View

Whether you’re handling client-facing projects or overseeing internal IT initiatives, the responsibility of managing and keeping both internal and external stakeholders informed can be difficult. Our External Project View allows you to share key information, even if your stakeholders aren’t Cloud Coach users themselves.

  • Communicate real-time project status with clients
  • Monitor project stakeholders, both internal and external
  • Only share the information relevant to each stakeholder 

User Friendly Time Tracking

Visualize progress

View Client Stakeholders

Visualize Progress

Cross Project View

If you’re working on multiple projects, you’re going to need a way to keep them both organized and on track. Cloud Coach’s Cross Project View provides you with a high-level view across all of your projects – reducing your administrative burden and keeping your projects running smoothly.

  • Create your own views based on project type
  • View timelines and status information
  • Update project information quickly and easily

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