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Depending on your requirements, Cloud Coach has different solutions to meet your needs. Our pricing is simple and scalable, discounted by the length of the contract term and the volume of users committed. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Cloud Coach for free?

Yes, not only can you try Cloud Coach for free, but our Starter tier which contains the functionality of many paid products, is always free for your first 5 users making Cloud Coach a risk free option, low hassle option for your business. (Additional users are available by upgrading to our Team tier).

Can I configure Cloud Coach to our requirements?

“Yes, all tiers of Cloud Coach can be tailored to your requirements using the point and click customization tools of the Salesforce platform, such as adding custom fields & changing page layouts, adding workflows & approvals, and leveraging the latest lightning has to offer.

Cloud Coach also fully complies with standard Salesforce security setup, so you can configure sharing settings of projects and control user access through permission sets and profiles.

Cloud Coach runs in both Classic and Lightning versions of Salesforce.”

What edition of Salesforce do I need?

Cloud Coach runs on Salesforce Enterprise Edition and above.

Do I also need a Salesforce subscription for my Cloud Coach users?

It depends upon the Cloud Coach tier you are considering. Cloud Coach Starter requires you to also have a Salesforce subscription for your users (a Platform Starter user is sufficient or any Sales or Service Cloud user also works). Cloud Coach’s paid tiers all come with the option of an embedded platform license as part of the sale.

What support can Cloud Coach offer me?

Even for our always free Starter tier we provide best of breed support to our users, with a full knowledgebase and daily open office hours forum that any company can attend and get its questions answered. Additional types support offerings are delivered daily for users of our other tiers.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, Cloud Coach offers discounts based on multi year subscription agreements and volume of users. In addition Not For Profits are offered an additional discount.

Can I mix my users between the different tiers?

Unfortunately not, as functionality is rolled out to the whole of your Cloud Coach deployment based on the tier you have at the company level, all your users need to be on the same tier of Cloud Coach.

Can my customers get access to projects?

“We provide a two ways for your customers to engage with you on project delivery. Firstly we have our ‘External Project View’ which allows you to provide a real time read only status of your project to your customers, and if your customers need read write access to update records and enter chatter about the project then you can show your Cloud Coach projects through a paid customer community.

Both the External View and the Communities options are fully controllable by you, so you can determine what information to show externally and what to only show internally.”

Can I pay for Cloud Coach monthly or quarterly?

Unfortunately not. To maximize the people on our team working on improving our product offering for all our customers rather than dealing with internal administration tasks like managing monthly subscriptions and invoicing, we only offer annual agreements and billing.

I still have questions, who can help me?

For any sales or company related information please reach out to our sales team. For any product support please check out the product support page

Thank you

A Cloud Coach advisor will be in contact by email within one working day to arrange your demo.

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