Professional Services

Take your professional services organization to the next level

1. Initiation

Turn opportunity products into a single project

2. Timelines

Track billing milestones

3. Resources

Find the right skilled person

4. Documents

Document & share meeting minutes

5. Controls

Manage change control

6. Finances

Measure your utilization & billability

With Cloud Coach’s full suite of Professional Services Automation tools, you can take your services organization to the next level. Whether you’re dealing with Fixed Price or Time and Materials deliveries, Cloud Coach helps you do more with less by maximizing the efficiency of your team.

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Turn CPQ into Projects

From your sales opportunities

Get your services delivery off to a flying start by launching delivery right from your opportunities in Salesforce. Dynamically determine your project composition according to the opportunity product line items that make up the sale:

  • Turn opportunities into projects at any point in the sales cycle
  • Use opportunity products to determine the project
  • Share project progress on the account
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Track Billing Milestones

And keep revenue on schedule

As you put together your project schedule it’s important to remember that not all tasks are created equal. Certain tasks must be completed on time, if the overall schedule of the project is not to slip. Cloud Coach can help you master your project schedule:

  • Plan your task timelines
  • Visualize your critical path
  • Report on timeline status
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Assign Your Team

Based on skills and availability

When it comes time to assign your users to a task, resource allocation couldn’t be easier. With Cloud Coach, you can allocate your resources to tasks in one easy screen.

  • See all your users or filter by team, skill or more
  • Color-coding to give you visibility into availability
  • Drill into users to see what they are working on
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Share Information

In real time with your customers

When you’re dealing with a client-facing project, it’s important to keep your customers and stakeholders support informed. With Cloud Coach you can document and share the meeting minutes from all your discussions with your customers:

  • Share real time project status with customers
  • Include meeting minutes
  • Send automated alerts to stakeholders
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Manage Change Control

Capture, evaluate, approve

Like life in services delivery, change happens. Whether it’s your customer requesting something new or your internal team flagging an alternate route, Cloud Coach comes with complete change management that lets you: 

  • Capture change requests
  • Evaluate impact on the project
  • Get client and/or internal approval change requests
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Need to Bill

Set Your Billable Rates

By users, skills and rate cards

Set up default billable rates by user, or create rate cards for your customers. For select projects, you can create special rate cards when you’ve agreed on a special price for a particular project:

  • Control rates and costs by resource
  • Create rate cards & retainers for your accounts
  • Generate invoices against deliverables
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Resource Utilization

How well are we using our team?

Whether your team is doing billable work or is assigned to non-revenue generating activities, Cloud Coach captures their utilization and reports on it instantly:
  • Track resource utilization in real-time
  • See percentages of billable vs. bench time
  • Designate work as billable or non-billable
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