Optimize resource allocation, improve project planning, enhance efficiency, and maximize profitability with PSA resourcing software, built on Salesforce.

List of Benefits

"The biggest value add has been having that central tool where we can see what everyone is doing and where things are trending."

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Available Capacity

For proactive planning against sales’ forecasts

When you’re trying to plan for how much work your company can take on in the coming months sometimes, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. So we created a resource capacity page to give you insights into:

  • Upcoming capacity by month
  • Filter by skill type
  • View as a % of total capacity you have

Sales to Project Handoff

Sales to Project Handoff

Company Wide Resource Loading

Get a birds eye view of more than just your team’s resource load

Of course seeing availability of resources at the task level is great, but what about when you want to look a little wider and view how busy your whole organization is? That’s where Cloud Coach Resource Load comes in:

  • See all your users or filter by team, skill or more
  • Color-coding to give you visibility into availability
  • Drill into users to see what they are working on

Real Time Availability

Never put availability into a static spreadsheet again

When it comes time to assign your users to a task, resource allocation couldn’t be easier. With Cloud Coach, you can allocate your resources to tasks in one easy screen.

  • See available users based on skill and availability
  • Link multiple skills to a task
  • Assign multiple users to a single task

Align to Client Goals

Skills based resourcing

Build Your Skills Matrix

Customize and evolve your skills matrix to fit your specific organization

With Cloud Coach Resourcing, you’re in control of your skills and work-types. Create custom work roles, and then specialize them through secondary skills for dynamic resource assignment.

  • Create skills to match your unique business
  • Specialize your skills by adding sub-categories
  • Map your project tasks to your skills

Match Capabilities

Tag your resources with the right skills, expertises, locations, and more

Whether your users have one role or two, Cloud Coach allows you to map your resources to multiple work-types and skills:

  • Match users to skills for resource assignment
  • Go deeper with secondary skills
  • Drive capacity planning with assignments

User Friendly Time Tracking

Visualize Business as Usual

View Client Stakeholders

Visualize Business as Usual

Availability that takes into account more than just project work

Visualizing your organization’s Business as Usual goes beyond merely focusing on project work. You need a comprehensive view that understands utilization levels in non-project-related tasks and activities.

  • View your business as usual at a glance 
  • Valuable insights for optimizing business efficiency and productivity
  • See a comprehensive view of resource availability, including non-project tasks

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