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“Veracode uses Cloud Coach to drive customer consumption of their entitlements purchased.”

George Filos

Lead of Services and Operations


Cybersecurity company focusing on application security.

Industry: Technology
Employees: 800


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Tracking toward $2 Million savings in people power over a three-year period

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Automated 95% of reporting processes

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Saving 3-5 hours per week in report creation



We had too many segmented tools that required compiling data from several different sources, resulting in reporting in arrears

Cloud Coach allows us to consolidate our data, leverage retainers and custom reports so that we are now looking six weeks out instead of in arrears.

We were wasting a lot of time with different manual processes of time tracking, spreadsheets, admin cards, etc.

Cloud Coach quickly captures time and lets us roll that out to the customer to help optimize the time spent.

Our management team did not have the ability to create their own reports and had to put requests through to services analysts which created undesireable delays

Because data is on-demand through Cloud Coach, management can easily create their own reports. Now, instead of spending time on report requests, our services analysts can focus on developing new strategies of reporting and driving customer success, which is our ultimate goal.

Our previous processes only allowed for basic, status quo metrics for our customers.

Cloud Coach allows us to provide an up level of metrics to help drive customer success, rather than just status quo updates.

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