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What are risks?

4 min read19th of July 2020
To borrow a concept from Heraclitus, running a project is like stepping into a river – you cannot run the same project twice, for it is not the same project and you are not the same project owner. Every...

What is the Critical Path?

5 min read11th of June 2020
The activities in a project plan are driven by requirements gathered from the client and the agreed-upon scope of the project. While each task is important to the success of the project, not all are considered critical. The way...

What is a Baseline?

4 min read4th of May 2020
Collecting data points in a project is a simple process; users enter task data during the project and the project manager organizes and maintains that data at the project level. The data collected throughout the lifespan of a project...

What is Kanban Project Management

7 min read13th of April 2020
Selecting a methodology that aligns with more than just the project, but the project team and the company culture are important to any company’s project processes. Deeper than it’s characteristics, a methodology serves to provide a common language as...

What is WBS?

4 min read14th of March 2020
A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is the sum of the project scope – all its requirements and deliverables – broken down into pieces for the purpose of managing activities. The WBS is a document that is created during the...

Selecting a Project Management Methodology

6 min read6th of February 2020
There’s no doubt about it, choosing a project management methodology adds value to the business. There are so many benefits, particularly around an industry of shared knowledge and lessons learned. This wealth of knowledge can be tapped into for...

What is Waterfall Project Management?

5 min read23rd of January 2020
Before a project can be accepted, scoped, or scheduled a methodology should be determined. The Project Management Institute defines a methodology as “a system of practices, techniques, procedures, and rules used by those who work in a discipline” and...

What is a Dependency?

5 min read27th of November 2019
In project management, a dependency is what we call the relationship between two tasks when action or activity on one determines key dates for the other. Start and finish dates of the task are the focus of the relationship...

What is WAgile Project Management?

8 min read30th of October 2019
For many people, the process of editing is easier than creating. When faced with a blank canvas, how does one create something from nothing? By selecting a Project Management methodology, Project Managers can access existing templates for processes and...

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