Customer Success Team Lead: How Cloud Coach Uses Cloud Coach

Megan Killeen

Feb 15 2024 10 min read

My name’s Megan and I’m the Customer Success Team Lead at Cloud Coach. 

As a CSM, I try to learn as much as I can about each one of our clients. This involves learning how they use Cloud Coach to run projects, understanding what teams within their organizations use Cloud Coach, and learning what their ultimate goals are.

I take all of that information and provide recommendations on the best ways clients can maximize their use of Cloud Coach to benefit their teams. In my role I always work in the best interests of our clients – advocating for them wherever necessary – and only providing advice when I really believe it will make a difference.

The ultimate aim for any Customer Success team is to foster organic growth within a customer base. But there’s no hard sales here! I truly believe the best way to do that is provide an excellent service with an excellent product… word of mouth travels fast! 

Here’s how I use Cloud Coach on a daily basis to do just that.

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CSM Dashboard

Typically I start my day in this CSM Dashboard. It allows me to see everything at a glance, which helps prioritizing where my attention should be in the day ahead. As we’re collaborating with so many different groups, including our Technical Support Team regarding Cases, having a high-level view like this is essential, particularly when things are changing all the time.

CSM Dashboard

With Cases, I can then drill down further. I need to determine what the status was yesterday, what the status is today, etc. And if any further updates are required, I can open a specific Case and message our Technical Support Team directly.

Open Cases
Open Specific Case

My Accounts

I’m fortunate enough to work with a wide range of accounts, but I need to make sure I’m keeping track of everyone! This high-level overview within Cloud Coach is very useful for all of our CSM team. 

I can see how many seats a customer has bought and how many have been used. If there’s a big discrepancy here, there’s a problem we need to jump on! Likewise, if a customer has maxed out their number of seats, it’s a sign of high adoption which is always pleasing to see (and allows us to speak to customers early if their teams continue to grow and adopt Cloud Coach). 

On the far right, you can also see a Customer Health grade. More on that next!

My Accounts

Customer Health

Lots of different factors contribute to a client’s score. We use something called ISVapp integrated within Cloud Coach to track this information.

On this scorecard you can see an overall grade, which is then broken down into individual grades for things such as adoption, engagement, relationship, NPS and even support (among many others!). We can also see what the last score was, so we can tell whether a client is trending up or down.

ISVapp is very good at tracking both usage and adoption. The relationship and engagement scores are figures, though, are ultimately determined by our Customer Success teams. So, how do they do that? By having regular meetings!

Customer Health


After every meeting, we fill in meeting notes within Cloud Coach. The meetings are already set up as templates, so that saves us a lot of time already (the ability to automate this is probably my favorite Cloud Coach feature!). We can also add attendees to the meetings like this.

Meeting attendee suggestions

If there are any action items or tickets to add, these can easily be added from within the meeting itself which then flow through to the Controls and External Project view for customer visibility, while also remaining attached to the meeting. 

Log tickets

Once meeting notes have been fully completed and emailed out to our customers, it’s time for us to record how we felt the meeting went to help calculate that engagement score!

After every monthly client meeting, we use this CSM flow, which asks a series of predetermined questions. Did anyone attend the meeting? How do we feel about the health of a customer after the call? Lots of these fields are, by their nature, ‘gut feel’, so the ability to record this information monthly allows us to build data and trends over a longer period of time. We also record the health of individual project stakeholders, all of which contributes to the overall engagement score.

Stakeholder health

Once this has been completed, our project task for the monthly check in meeting automatically closes, and the scorecards we looked at earlier automatically update using the information that has been collected. The CS project will also update on the timeline and complete the check in task, as you can see below.

check in

External Project View

It’s critically important to ensure that our clients have the best possible insight into what is happening and when. They need to feel the pulse of the projects! Within Cloud Coach, our External Project View provides the ideal place for that to happen.

External Project View Gantt

Even if stakeholders can’t attend update meetings, with an External Project View link they are able to see timelines and keep track of where we’re at. There’s even the functionality here to add something called ‘External Deliverables’ where we can assign tasks to people outside of Cloud Coach. It means everyone is aware of what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and who is accountable.

External deliverables

One area within the External Project View that my clients find incredibly useful is this section, within the Control menu.  

Here our clients are able to see all of the tickets we have logged for them, alongside a description and status. In here, we store Action Items, Bug tickets, Feature Requests, and inquiries that have been emailed to the Cloud Coach team. This area ensures communication is open and everyone is on the same page. It’s saved my clients hours in chasing and admin time!

EPV tickets

The Best Part of My Role

The best part of my role is getting to know our clients! 

They all work in such varied roles in such varied industries. Getting insights into their roles and day-to-day lives at work – and finding out how we help them with Cloud Coach – is incredibly rewarding. 


Megan Killeen

Megan is a Senior Customer Success Manager at Cloud Coach

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