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Use Task Health to Keep Projects on Track

3 min read17th of March 2017
When you’re managing a project and trying to meet a deadline, the status of each task is important – especially when those tasks are on your critical path. If you’re leveraging Cloud Coach to manage projects in your Salesforce...

Entering Time Against a Case

4 min read27th of January 2017
In this week’s two-minute use case video, the Cloud Coach team discusses how to enter time against Salesforce Cases. TRANSCRIPTION: Hello everyone, Nic from cloud coach here and thanks for joining us this week as we take a look...

How to Automate Project Creation

5 min read30th of December 2016
Creating Cloud Coach projects is a breeze using the Project Creation Wizard, but we’re always looking for ways to make data entry faster, so in this week’s two-minute use case we discuss how to automate your project creation using...

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