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Are you looking for a Kantata alternative for your Professional Services teams? 

Cloud Coach is also built natively on Salesforce, so could be the right option for you. With Cloud Coach’s full suite of PSA tools, you can take your services organization to the next level, increasing billable utilization and profit margins. Whether you’re dealing with Fixed Price or Time and Materials deliveries, Cloud Coach helps you do more with less by maximizing the efficiency of your team.

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Everything Kantata has, plus more

When it comes to selecting the right solution for your business, we recognize there is a lot of choice out there. Here are some of the key reasons Cloud Coach is the right choice for your business to partner with.

Sales to Project Handoff

Turn your opportunities into services engagements

Get your services delivery off to a flying start by launching delivery right from your opportunities in Salesforce. Dynamically determine your project composition according to the opportunity product line items that make up the sale:

  • Turn opportunities into projects at any point in the sales cycle
  • Use opportunity products to determine the project
  • Share project progress on the account

Sales to Project Handoff

Simplify difficult handoffs
Handoffs between departments have been notoriously tricky. With Cloud Coach, the process couldn’t be easier.

Set Billable Rates

Rate Card

Set Billable Rates

At project, phase or task level

Set up default billable rates by user, or create rate cards for your customers. For select projects, you can create special rate cards when you’ve agreed on a special price for a particular project:

  • Control rates and costs by resource
  • Create rate cards for your accounts
  • Monitor real-time billables on projects and tasks


Find the right resource at the right time

Make the most of your resource pool and find the right person, with the right skills with real time resource forecasting

Leverage placeholders and track availability with our multi level skills based resourcing engine, factoring in not just work on other projects but also out of office time such as PTO & vacation.

Skills Based Resourcing

Skills Based Resourcing
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Allocate resources efficiently
The functionality allows us to allocate resources more efficiently across our projects, while ensuring the right people are assigned to the right tasks.

Share Project Progress

Waterfall Projects

Share Project Progress

With your clients and stakeholders

When you’re dealing with a client-facing project, it’s important to keep your customers and internal stakeholders such as sales and customer support informed. Cloud Coach lets you:

  • Share real time project status with customers
  • Track internal and external project stakeholders
  • Assign deliverables out to stakeholders


Helping you drive better billable utilization

Your team works on multiple items during the week so, it’s important to give them a user-friendly way to capture time in a timely manner, so you get accurate data for your reporting and billing.

With Cloud Coach your team can track time on project work, support work, admin time and more, tagging each time entry as billable or non billable to drive utilization metrics.

Time Tracking & Utilization

Utilization Trends

Rev Rec & Invoicing

Onboarding Milestones

Rev Rec & Invoicing

Use milestones to automate your billing processes

Use milestone completion during your project to standardize and drive billing events and recognition of revenue across your projects.

Apply different billing rules for fixed price vs T&M or hybrid projects along with product/service line specific revenue recognition.

Documents and Meetings

See the full picture around your engagement

Capture all your services engagement documentation in one place, so your team always knows where to find the right piece of information.

Build best practice agendas and coaching notes into your meeting templates to decrease training time for your new hires. Capture meeting minutes, and action items during your meeting then share meeting minutes with your attendees with just one click.

Documents and Meetings

Project Profitability

Burn Down Chart
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High level metrics
As a project manager, this tool is invaluable for me. I easily can see the high level project metrics (burn rate, completion percentage) or dive into the details of a project task.

Project Profitability

Budget, plan and execute

Decrease your project costs with proactive forecasting, budgeting and baselining of your project financials through every step of your project.

Track the metrics that matter to you, including project burndown and projected profits so you can predict the value each project will deliver to your business.

Reports & Dashboards

So you know where you can improve

All the data your team captures with Cloud Coach can be reported upon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.

Tailor your PSA dashboards to what your team needs to see, be it utilization, revenue recognition, health, milestones and more.

Reports & Dashboards

G2 High Performer

Don't just take our word for it

"Cloud Coach has empowered us to move off of different systems to streamline and optimize our customer implementation processes."
Senior Product Management Associate Athena Health
"We’ve seen a reduction of 3,400 hours annually across our workforce on entering time alone, allowing us to redeploy those hours to work with our clients.”
Chris McLeod
Vice President, Enterprise PMO
"As a Salesforce Partner, we are able to deliver on time and on budget and track that with early warning."
CEO, Cloudpointe
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