It all starts with trust

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

When you transition your processes and data to the cloud, you want a more secure system than what your internal IT team is capable of achieving. We deliver this portfolio project management software security solution by building solely through the Salesforce1 platform, the undeniable leader in SaaS infrastructure:
  • Real time backups and full disaster recovery
  • Secure access controls to your data
  • Get access 24/7 to information on system status

Who can do what?

Manage your users capabilities

Different people in your organization execute around different roles, so you need to provide them the tools they need, and revamp the tools they won’t use. Cloud Coach’s portfolio project management software security uses best in class user permission controls that let you:
  • Give users the security access they need, nothing more
  • Easily modify and maintain your user’s settings
  • Maintain best of breed access control policies


Avoid prying eyes

Control who sees what records

Throughout your organization you have many dissimilar departments working to produce many unique business outcomes, ensuring their data is separate and secure is critical to your success. With Cloud Coach you can:
  • Separate data by department or group
  • Lock down record access to only those that need it
  • Trigger access based on workflows

Got Sensitive Data?

Lock it to the most granular level

Even data at the record level may have sensitive information that only a small subsection of people in the organization should see like rate or cost information. You can safeguard this data so only certain information is visible to managers and not to other users:
  • Restrict access at the view level
  • Lock down individual data capture fields
  • Store data in encrypted formats