Create Templates

To standardize your project processes

Consistency is a key factor toward making your business efficient – That’s where having pre-defined processes that your whole salesforce team can follow is crucial. Cloud Coach’s corporate project management software as a service allows you to create best of breed processes for your team to follow, delivering better outcomes for your business.
  • Create your own custom project templates
  • Tailor templates for each part of your business
  • Grant access based on your security rules

Launch from anywhere

Create projects within your workflows

Whether you need to launch your projects from your sales process as you win an opportunity, from a salesforce marketing campaign, or from your Remedyforce ITSM processes, Cloud Coach gives you:
  • One click project launch
  • Select the pre-defined template you want
  • Automated linkage between CRM & ITSM records

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What makes up a project

How all the pieces fit together

With any salesforce project, you are usually juggling multiple balls along the way. Not only are you maintaining the timelines of your project, you are also keeping stakeholders informed when milestones in the project are complete. You’re also dealing with all those extra items that come up along the way such as risks, issues, and change requests. Cloud Coach’s project management software as a service for your salesforce is designed to handle all this and more:
  • Group tasks into milestone groupings / phases
  • Manage change requests & approvals
  • Maintain risk and issue registers

What’s critical?

Visualize your projects critical path

Whether you are delivering your project to external clients or to internal stakeholders, it’s important to know what your critical tasks are, the tasks that should the timelines slip on them then there will be an impact your overall project delivery time-frame. Cloud Coach’s critical path tools give you:
  • One click access to your critical path
  • Visibility for your key stakeholders
  • Real time updates as your project progresses
critical path