Maximize Your Cloud Coach ROI

Customer success is a top priority at Cloud Coach. While every subscription comes with a Base Success Plan for online support, our most successful customers take advantage of our Advanced or Premier Success Plans. These success plans include the right combination of support, online materials and resources designed to:

Talk to a Familiar Face

With Advanced and Premier plans, you will be assigned a a dedicated Product Specialist from our team who will act as your primary point of reference for your questions. You’ll have a familiar face to talk to when you need it.

Get Help with Upgrades

Keep up to date with all new relases and quickly acquire the expertise you need – when you need it. Our Advanced Success plan helps you make sure your custom configurations will move seamlessly with each release, while our Premier plan will help you keep your custom code up to date with new releases.

Configuration On Demand

Short of time to manage and maintain your Cloud Coach implementation? Our Premier plan with our configuration on-demand option helps you set up your workflow processes, build out reports and dashboards, and get your project templates set up for use.

Expert Best Practice Consulting

Whether you’re just getting started or need a fresh perspective on your business processes, our Premier plan includes expert consulting to help you streamline and improve your best practices. The Cloud Coach team will help you automate processes and identify feedback loops to continuously improve your execution.


Base Success

Our Base Success plan is included for all customers and gives you:

Version Upgrades Want to make sure you always have access to the latest version? Our latest production release version is always available to all customers.
User Guides Need to check how something works in detail? Our user guides drill into details of how our various features work in detail.
Customer Success Webinars Want to learn more about a feature? Join one of our regular customer success webinars.
Online Training Materials Missed one of our webinars? No problem! Recordings of our webinars and other materials are posted online for you to review on your schedule.
Online Bug Support Found a bug? Report it to and if we can replicate it, we will put it in the queue for a fix.

Advanced Success

Maximize your investment with dedicated support

Dedicated Product Specialist Would a familiar face make things easier? With our Advanced Success we will try to always place your questions with your favorite member of our team.
Troubleshooting Q&A Got a confusing issue? Our team will help you get to a resolution with a Q&A session.
Phone Support Hard to explain what you mean in writing? With Advanced success, you can jump on the phone with one of our Product Specialists to brainstorm ideas and get advice to help your team.
External Project View Support Want to give a view of your projects to customers or external stakeholders? We can help you create and maintain an external project view that is always up to date, keeping everyone on the same page.
Version Upgrade Configuration Support Created your own Cloud Coach configurations? If you run into problems during a Cloud Coach version upgrade, our configuration support will help you resolve your issue.

Premier Success

The gold standard to deliver maximum business ROI

Feature Request Acceleration Want a new feature in the application and want to jump the queue? Then get additional weighting for your feature requests in our feature request queue.
Business Process Consulting Workshops & expert advice from the Cloud Coach team on how to identify and implement best practices that improve execution across your organization.
Configuration On Demand Short of system administration time or resources? Our configuration on-demand support will help you with the Cloud Coach support you need.
Version Upgrade Custom Code Support Got your own custom code built around Cloud Coach? If you run into problems during a Cloud Coach upgrade, our team will help resolve the issue.
Developer Support Q&A Writing your own custom code to supplement Cloud Coach processes? Our Developer Support Q&A helps you ensure your customer code is executed in the best possible way.

Premier Success Plan Comparison

Version Upgrades
User Guides
Customer Success Webinars
Online Training Materials
Dedicated Product Specialist
Troubleshooting Q&A
Phone Support
External Project View Support
Version Upgrade Configuration Support
Feature Request Acceleration
Business Process Consulting
Configuration On Demand
Version Upgrade Custom Code Support
Developer Support
Paid Feature Requests$ $$

Expert Best Practices Consulting

Area How to
Demand Intake Automate incoming business requests
Cost Benefit Scoring Use scoring mechanisms tied to strategic goals
Organizational Reporting Set up portfolios, business units and areas
Resource Management Create and assign skills and user capabilities
Risks and Issues Define processes for risk and issue resolution
Productivity Automation Trigger the right informationo & actions at the right time
Meeting Templates Create & update tempaltes to discuss the right items at the right times
Costs & Rates Set up user costs, rates and rate cards
Retainers Create and maintain client retainers
Utilization Track resource utilization & assignments company wide
Time Tracking Track, rate and approve user time entries

Configuration On Demand

Category Description
Custom Fields Create and update custom fields
Page Layouts Create and update page layouts
Record Types Create and update record types
Process Builder Create and update processes
Workflow Rules Create and update workflow rules
Approval Processes Create and update approval processes
Email Notifications Create and update email notfication templates
Validation Rules Create and update validation rules
Custom Settings Create and update Cloud Coach custom settings
Permission Sets Create and update permission sets
Field Level Security Create and update field level security
Sharing Rules Create and update record sharing rules
Reports Create and update reports
Report Schedules Create and update report schedules
Dashboards Create and update dashboards
External Project View Create and udpate external project view
“Configuration On Demand” relates to Cloud Coach objects only. It cannot be used for Salesforce CRM or other applications on the Salesforce platform. Configuration On Demand is performed in sandboxes only. Your Salesforce administrator will need to deploy Cloud Coach related changesets to production.
“Expert Best Practices Consulting” icnldues advice on how to, but not the creation of any data records in your production environment.