10 Reasons Your PSA Solution Should Be Built On Salesforce

Brandi Johnson

Oct 21 2015 5 min read

There are many ways to do project management and professional services automation, from simple shared spreadsheets to custom-built software applications.

Here are 10 reasons your Professional Services Automation software shouldn’t just integrate with Salesforce – it should be built on the Salesforce platform.

  • One User Interface. You’re already using Salesforce to manage your customers and accounts. When your PSA solution is built on Salesforce as well, you can move seamlessly between accounts, opportunities and projects.
  • Streamlined Execution. From project templates to interactive Gantt charts, using Cloud Coach with Salesforce makes completing projects faster, and collaboration better.
  • Data Connectivity. With Cloud Coach, you can create a project directly from an opportunity – keeping all of your work connected and tracked. Measure the cost of the project against the initial budget, connect issues and risks to the project, and even track your project meeting minutes with links back to the account and opportunity.
  • Security. Salesforce focuses on data security. When the information on your professional services projects is stored with your Salesforce organization, you can count on the same level of enterprise security. Learn more at http://trust.salesforce.com/.

  • Reliability. Hardware crashes. Files get corrupted. Cloud Coach and Salesforce are cloud-based, so your data is backed-up across multiple secure data centers.

  • Advanced Reporting. Cloud Coach uses the same database as your existing Salesforce solution, giving you advanced reporting visibility across your organization. From resource allocation to budgeting, you can build the reports you need to manage your business using Salesforce reporting and dashboard tools.

  • Strategic Planning. Reporting also helps you make the best use of your available resources, and identify where you may need additional support. Using integrated time tracking, you may discover that certain team members are consistently over-resourced.

  • One Administration Tool. Many new tools require a new set of skills for administration, costing you time and money. With Cloud Coach, your Salesforce admins already know how to make modifications to workflows, manage permissions, and create processes that work for your business.

  • Improved Return on Investment. If you’re already a Salesforce user, then adding Cloud Coach to your existing installation improves the investment. For members of your team who may not already be Salesforce users, Cloud Coach includes Force.com Enterprise Platform licenses, giving them access to contribute to Cloud Coach projects and tasks.
  • Unlimited growth. Salesforce and Cloud Coach are designed to grow with you, no matter how quickly you grow, or how big your business gets.

Want to learn more about how Cloud Coach makes the most of Salesforce to optimize your professional service business? Visit us in the AppExchange, watch a video, or schedule a demo today.


Brandi Johnson

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