6 Cloud Coach features that will help you onboard customers faster on Salesforce

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Apr 10 2021 8 min read

Salesforce is a powerful tool for customer relationship management, but organizations can sometimes overlook how they could harness the strength of the Salesforce platform for their customer onboarding projects.

With Cloud Coach’s full suite of customer onboarding tools, you can onboard your customers successfully, and in less time.

Whether your onboarding processes last days or months, Cloud Coach helps you do more with less by maximizing the efficiency of your team. Below, we show you six quick Cloud Coach features that can help you onboard your customers, faster.

1. Turn your opportunities into projects with one click

Kicking off a project can be a needlessly time-consuming process. From sales, into your customer success teams, there’s a lot of information and knowledge that needs to be transferred in a structured – and ideally repeatable – way.

At Cloud Coach we like to keep things simple. 

To kick start a new project, you simply need to change an opportunity to ‘Closed Won’ and, by making use of automation tools in Salesforce like Process Builder and Flow, Cloud Coach will automatically create a project from a template, based on all the information already captured within your opportunity.

One click. Instant. It’s as easy as that!

1. Turn your opportunities into projects with one click

2. Manage timelines the way you want

All customer onboarding projects need timelines to provide a simple visual overview of a project from start to finish and lead to increased work efficiency among teams.

Cloud Coach provides multiple ways for you to visualize your projects. From the screenshot below, you can see how you can manage a project from Gantt chart.

2. manage timelines the way you want 1

From the Gantt chart you can see different tasks, drag dependencies, move tasks around if you need to reschedule your project, and even change colours.

You can also see the same project as a Board View, or even a List View – meaning there’s always a timeline to suit you.

2. manage timelines the way you want 2

3. Assign your team to work on your projects

Customer onboarding involves a vast array of team members, carrying out a range of specialized tasks at different times throughout the project. 

Making sure you manage this process as effectively as possible is going to be key to customer trust, satisfaction and, ultimately, project success. If you’re managing multiple projects and business units, the process of assigning team members to a project can be a daunting administrative task… But it doesn’t need to be. Assigning work to your team should be simple!

Take a look at our project Gantt chart again. You can see some tasks with a red icon. This is because nobody has been assigned yet.

3. assign your team 1

By navigating to the Cloud Coach ‘Resourcing’ tab, you can see the various skill roles required. Take ‘Business Analyst’ as an example.

3. assign your team 2

You can see all of the tasks that require a Business Analyst, and by selecting ‘Add Person’ you can see the available users who have been tagged with the Business Analyst skill type. 

3. assign your team 3

This means that, at a glance, you can see who has the availability and capability to work on your project – and assign with a single click. 

4. Share project documents with your team

If you’re working on a lot of customer onboarding projects with a lot of customers, you’re going to have a lot of documents too! But can everyone in your team access the right versions of the right documents at the right time? 

Having a ‘single source of truth’ is a common problem – but getting digital document storage right can prevent a lot of headaches further down the line, and help you avoid needless breakdowns in communication. 

In the Cloud Coach ‘Documents’ section, you can see a preview of all the files that have been uploaded against a single project.

4. share project documents

Bonus tip! There’s even more functionality in the Cloud Coach ‘Meetings’ section, where you can also templatize project meetings. Here, you can add team members to meetings, track minutes and subsequent action items, and share with all invited attendees

5. Track profitability and utilization

Whether you’re delivering fixed price or time and materials projects, tracking your planned and actual costs is an important part of your overall customer onboarding project picture. 

Cloud Coach allows you to quickly see your budgeted labor cost. As you enter in time, this will allow you to track things like calculated cost and calculated rate.

5. track profitability and utilization 1

Once information is entered at a task level, this rolls up into the project financials. As the Financial Metrics view shows below, you can see:

  • Budgeted Labor Cost
  • Calculated Cost
  • Sales Revenue 
  • Calculated rates (if a project is billable)
  • Project margins
5. track profitability and utilization 2

6. Move seamlessly from project to project 

Like most people working with customer onboarding, you’re juggling many projects at once. That’s where our dynamic Cross Project Views gives you the edge. 

With Cloud Coach’s cross-project view, you can quickly and easily move back and forth between projects, with just the click of a button.

6. move seamlessly from project to project

Cloud Coach

Cloud Coach specializes in enterprise-class project, PSA & PPM software built for businesses that want to make strategic investments in their success.

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