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Creating a Project from Remedyforce

2 min read8th of June 2015
There are multiple ways that you can create a project in Cloud Coach from Remedyforce. One of these is directly from a Remedyforce Change Request. In this example, we are on a Remedyforce Change Request called “New Portal”, which...

Increase Productivity with the “10-Minute Rule”

3 min read25th of March 2015
Michelle Bryant wrote a fantastic article where she explains the “10-Minute Rule”. The rule states that everything you do should be broken down into 10 minute segments. Every task that you need to complete should take no more than...

Effective Project Management

1 min read9th of February 2015
Last week we published a brief article on the essentials of successful project delivery. Shortly after, a great article entitled “Effective Project Management” by Junaid Munawar came into our hands. From planning to tracking and analyzing, Munawar takes you...

3 Elements of Successful Project Delivery

3 min read1st of February 2015
Projects come in all ranges of complexity. Some take years to complete while some only take hours. Regardless of the type of project, there are 3 important elements of a successful project that must be considered. 1. Project Plan...

What are unnecessary meetings really costing your business?

3 min read20th of January 2015
Michael Mankins published an article in 2014 outlining the number of hours in a year the employees of one large company spent in meetings to support one weekly excom meeting. The findings of the data collected are astounding and...

4 tips for setting successful New Year’s Resolutions

5 min read29th of December 2014
“A goal without a plan is just a wish”. Antoine de Saint-Exupery said it right. And, here we are again at that time of year where everybody is talking about goal setting and New Year’s Resolutions. You’ve probably heard...

Jason Fried – Why work doesn’t happen at work

2 min read10th of December 2014
Jason Fried argues that the office isn’t actually a good place to get work done. In his Ted Talk (2010), he describes how our work day is turned into ‘work moments’ the second we walk through the office door....

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