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Automate Project Creation from Opportunities

3 minutes to read3rd of March 2017

Once an opportunity closes, that’s when the real work often begins. With Cloud Coach Milestones, it’s easy to streamline the creation of projects from opportunities. In fact, in this video, we break down how to automatically create a project from an opportunity in under 6 minutes.

Here’s a written breakdown of how we’re going to create this automation using process builder. (For this, we’re going to assume you’ve already created your project template. If you haven’t, check out this video.)

Step 1: Select your object that triggers the project. In this case, we’re using opportunities. Once you get the fundamentals, you can customize this process until your business needs are satisfied. Want to launch from a case instead of an opportunity? Go right ahead!

Step 2: Set your Criteria. In my case, I want to create this project whenever an opportunity is closed-won and the value is over $10,000. Of course, this is infinitely customizable as well. If you want to use different dollar amounts to trigger different projects from your opportunities, just add some additional criteria and action nodes!

Step 3: This is where the real magic happens. Cloud Coach Milestones comes with an invokable APEX class  that makes auto-creating projects easy. Add the action of “Apex”, and choose “Clone a Project.” When you do this, there are three new required variables:

  • Project ID – This tells Process Builder which project to clone
  • Project Name
  • Desired Start Date

We recommend you add one new variable – Related Record ID. Create a reference back to the original opportunity so that it is easy to find, and get the visibility that you need.

Here’s where to find your template ID in both classic and lightning style:

Lightning View

Step 4: Activate and test your process!

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