Automatically Create A New Project Kickoff Meeting

Brandi Johnson

Feb 17 2016 6 min read

Many project management tools help you keep your documents and conversations related to projects out of email. But we all know that it’s hard to start a meeting off right without a project kick-off meeting. Today, we look at how to automatically create a project kickoff meeting in Cloud Coach whenever you create a new project.

If you haven’t already, start by creating your meeting template. (See “Creating Meeting Templates with Cloud Coach” for details.) Your meeting template should contain the agenda you want to cover in the kick-off meeting. A few recommended agenda items could include:

  • Project purpose and connection to the overall business
  • Customer introductions (if applicable)
  • Team introductions and role assignments

Once you’ve created your meeting template, it’s time to get into Salesforce Process Builder to build your process.


From the Process Builder Processes Page, select New in the upper right corner


The selection of the New button will opens a pop-up where I enter the Process Name and Description. The API Name will be automatically generated based on the Process Name that I create.  I will name my process “Meeting from Project Creation”

cb 2

After I save my new process, I move to the Process Builder Canvas Web. From this screen I will be creating the details of the process from beginning to end. The first step is to add the object that the process will be based on. To select this object, simply select the +Add Object block on the Canvas.

cb 3

Since this process is to create a kickoff meeting whenever a new project is created, I base the process on the Projectobject. Since we only need one project kickoff meeting per project, I select the radio button to start the process only when a record is created.

The next step is to Add Criteria. Since I want a kickoff meeting for each new project, I select No Criteria – just execute the actions!. This moves the process down the ‘TRUE’ path of the process.

cb 4

Under the Immediate Actions block , I click Add Action. First I select my Action Type, and give my action a name.

For this process, the action type will be Apex. After I select Apex  as my Action Type, a drop down menu appears that lets me select the Apex Class I need to needed to invoke a meeting creation The Apex Class is called ccpt__InvokeMeetingTemplateConversion

After setting the Apex class, I need to set the Meeting Template ID. This is how Process Builder knows which meeting template to use for my project kickoff meeting. I also set the Related Record ID (Reference) to make sure that my meeting is related to my project in Cloud Coach.

cb 5

To find the Meeting Template Id, I open my meeting template. (It may be helpful to keep Salesforce open in a separate browser tab or window so that you can navigate to this without closing Process Builder.) I click on the Get Template Id icon in the upper right of the window. This opens a new window that displays my template ID, which I copy and paste into the appropriate Apex Variable field in Process Builder.

cb 6
cb 7

After I’ve finished adding variables, I save this action. From here, I can add additional Immediate or Scheduled Actions, like an email notification or Chatter notification to the Project Owner. Since all I need for now is my project kickoff meeting, I save my process, and select Activate in the upper right corner of the screen.

To test my process builder, I simply create a new project. On the Project Alerts and Details page, I see my new project kickoff meeting in the Meetings related list.


Brandi Johnson

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