Baselining your Projects Using Snapshots

Nic Widhalm

Dec 12 2016 5 min read

A common question we get asked at Cloud Coach is, “How can I baseline my projects?” So, in this week’s two-minute use case we’re going to take a look at how you can use Cloud Coach Snapshots to baseline your project and see how your timeline has progressed from kick-off to completion.


Hello everyone, Nic from Cloud Coach here. A question we get asked a lot here at Cloud Coach is,

“How can I baseline my project so that I can go back historically and see how we did based on earlier projections of where our project should be in our timeline?”

So, in today’s two-minute drill we’re going to take a look at how you can use a snapshot to baseline your project.

Let’s go ahead and hop on in here to one of our projects. Okay, so in this brand-new project that we’re looking at we can see right here on the Gantt—there’s our timeline that we want baseline so that we can go back and look and see how we did toward the end of this project based off our earlier projections. So, we’re going to use this snapshot feature right here to take a snapshot.

Now, I can do this throughout the whole life span of my project and then at any point I can click right here where it says “Select a Snapshot” and select the snapshot we just took. So, let’s say we want to compare it against this date here, December 12, and see how my project is progressing. Now, right here we can see nothing’s really changed, so the snapshots all the same right now. Let’s go ahead and see what happens when we complete a project task early.

We’re right here on this first Project Task, so let’s check off all our sub tasks and we’re going to complete this Project Task now. Since we’re completing this early it’s going to automatically adjust the whole timeline for us, and now I can go here click on a snapshot and I can compare it. Alright, so our timeline is early now, and you can see it slid all of our project tasks back early.

So now I can go back and I can say, okay, based upon where we currently are where did we think we were going to be back here in December? Or I can complete additional Project Tasks and see, you know, how do we think we are progressing on our timeline her?

I can also manage our project snapshots by clicking on this “Manage Snapshots” page here. I can look at these, I can compare it, or if I want I can delete the selected snapshot. So, as we go through we can make sure that we’re only looking at the snapshots that we care about.

And there you have it, a quick and easy way that you can baseline your project by using Cloud Coach Snapshots to look back historically and see how your project is progressing on its timeline. Thanks everyone for joining us today, and make sure to come back next week for our next two minute drill.

Have a great week!


Nic Widhalm

Nic is the Global VP, Customer Experience, at Cloud Coach

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