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Tracking a Key Stakeholder on your Milestones Project

3 minutes to read25th of May 2017

Each business is unique. So are the details you need to track and see on your projects. In previous blog posts, we’ve covered how to add custom fields to your projects to help you keep track of special details, like which department requested a project, or project types.

When you add these fields to a Cloud Coach Milestones project using native Salesforce functionality, you’ll be prompted to add them to the detail page layout. This is a great place to keep track of details that you don’t need at a glance – but what about important details that you want to track on your cross-project Gantt view?

In today’s example, we’ll add a text field for “Key Stakeholder” to our project views so that we easily see who our primary stakeholder is for follow-up.

Step 1: Add your new field.
Create a new text field under Setup > Create > Objects > Milestone Project.

Step 2 (optional): Add your field to the detail page.
When you create your new field, you’ll also be prompted to add the field to the detail page.

Step 3: Add your new field to the field set “Gantt”.
Cloud Coach Milestones comes with a special field set that allows you to set what shows in the right-hand side panel of your cross-project Gantt view. Simply drag and drop your new field into the field set list where you want it to appear. (You can also re-arrange existing fields to further customize your project view.

Step 4: View your new field.
You can now go to your cross-project Gantt view and see your new field.

And that’s it – you’ve customized your project view with Cloud Coach Milestones.

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